Services - Overview

Contract Research Organization: Experienced Team to support your clinical trials

Trial Design, EDC - Clinical Data Management, SAE Management, Biostatistics, and Reporting have been the cornerstones of SCiAN's business as a Contract Clinical Research Services provider since 1986.  With a portfolio of over 650 studies, SCiAN's dedicated teams can step in and support all:

  • Study design and protocol development
  • Data management our CDMS systems offers both paper-based and EDC solutions
  • Medical monitoring, drug safety / SAE management
  • Biostatistics: all phase I, II and III designs, including traditional  
  • Medical writing (protocol development, CSR writing, manuscript prepration)

aspects of a study.  All SCiAN personnel are trained in CDMmanager (our paper based CDMS system) and EDCPRO and SAEPRO making the transition seamless for your study, in oncology or other indications.

Studies completed by SCiAN ranged from small and complex phase II oncology trials to large-scale global II/III trials managed in collaboration with the Sponsor's team and clinical / site management CROs. 

As a Contract Clinical Research Organization, we offer a comprehensive set of clinical data management services to:

  • Launch your study (study design, protocol writing, database build, testing, site training, etc.)
  • EDC maintenance (monitor and update the database design to match actual usage by Study Coordinators, Monitors and Data Managers)
  • Perform Medical Monitoring, SAE management
  • Perform central data monitoring to complement site monitoring / SDV
  • Manage DSMBs
  • Prepare for interim locks and database exports
  • Manage data uploads / imports, coding, SAE reconciliation
  • Prepare for final database lock, audit, release and archival
  • Generate SAP, TLFs, CSRs.